French classes for babies and toddlers: Drop in, first session free!

French classes for babies

Our French baby sessions consist of 20 minutes of French nursery rhymes that babies and carers will enjoy. We sing in French only.


This session is suitable for anyone wanting to sing in French.


French sheets, with translation, are given at the beginning of the session for anyone to follow the singing.




French classes for toddlers

Our French toddler sessions consist of a series of activities, full of colour, movement, singing and games. This session is 45 minutes long. 


The whole of the session is performed in French so the children learn a lot while having fun with their parents.  


This session is suitable for native French speakers and for anyone wanting their children to learn and have a full immersion in a French environment.

We are based in Manchester,and currently hold sessions in Sale and in Chorlton. For further informations give a call at 07860823308 and ask for Carine.