French song for children to sing about farm animals: cows, ducks, dogs and sheeps.



Les Animaux de la ferme (Animals of the farm)©

La vache fait Meuh, Meuh, Meuh,(x3) (The cow makes Meuh, Meuh, Meuh (x3))

la vache fait Meuh (The Cows makes Meuh)

le chien fait Ouaf, Ouaf, Ouaf,(x3) (The dog makes Ouaf, ouaf, ouaf (x3))

le chien fait Ouaf (The dog makes Ouaf)

Le mouton fait Bêh, Bêh, Bêh, (x3) (The sheeps makes Bêh, Bêh, Bêh (x3))

le mouton fait Bêh, (The sheeps makes Bêh)

le canard fait Coin, Coin, Coin (x3) (The duck makes Coin, coin coin (x3))

le canard fait Coin. (The duck makes Coin)