Song for children to have fun, nursery rhymes with action, and also to learn about animals, to learn how to count and have fun.

Lyrics of the nursery rhymes are below:




baby songs Twinkle, Twinkle (mp3) Nursery rhyme with action


nursery rhymes The wheels on the bus (mp3) Nursery rhyme with action


baby songs Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear  Baby songs with action


nursery rhymes Oranges and Lemons (video)


baby songs There was an Old woman who lived in a shoe.


lyrics of the  baby songs Mary had a little lamb.


lyrics of nursery rhymes The Grand Old Duck of York. (video) Nursery rhyme with action


baby songs There was a crooked man.


nursery rhymes  One, two, buckle my shoe. Baby song to learn how to count.


nursery rhymes, Mary, Mary quite contrary.


baby songs Lullaby and Goodnight  (Brahms lullaby


nursery rhymes one, two, three, four, five. Nursery rhyme to learn how to count.


baby songs Little Bo Peep


nursery rhymes This little Piggy 


baby songs Jack and Jill


Five little monkeys,  nursery rhymes to learn how to count.

 "l'Ostrich", baby songs with action


 Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, baby songs with action


 Here is the church. Nursery rhymes with action.

Nursery rhymes with action, I'm a teapot.


Baby songs with action , Pat a cake.


Baby songs with action, I hear Thunder.










French nursery rhymes or baby songs for Children:


Translation and MP3 of the French Christmas song for children Vive le vent, this song is sung with the tune of Jingle bell...




Les Roues de L'autobus, nursery rhymes equivalent of the wheels on the bus, in French.(mp3)


Baby songs, the equivalent in French of 5 little ducks, 5 Petits canards, perfect to learn how to count in French. (mp3)


Têtes, Epaules, Genoux, Pieds, This French nursery rhyme is the equivalent of Head, shoulder, knees and toes, it is a perfect baby song to learn different parties of the body.(mp3)



Les Animaux de la ferme  ©,This French nursery song, is perfect to learn about farm animals cow, dog, duck and horse.





Les Animaux © French nursery rhymes perft to learn about animals turtle, panda, bird, tiger, reindeer.





Nursery rhyme A,B,C,D E great nursery rhyme to learn the alphabet


Nursery rhyme about a snail l'escargot.


Perfect nursery rhyme to learn how to count in French, cinq mésanges vertes.


Baby songs to learn about fruits. Pomme, Peche, poire


Baby song about a mouse Dame souris


 Tous en rond dansez, Baby song perfect to learn numbers.


Nursery rhyme about vegetables dancing, la danse des légumes.


baby songs Compere Guilleri.


Nursery rhymes with action Je m'en vais au marché.  Comptine a gestes.


Comptine pour bébé en anglais One, two, three, four, five.


La TorpédoNursery rhyme about a car


Nursery rhyme with action Toc, toc, toc Monsieur Pouce.


Nursery rhyme about an ant La fourmi.


Nursery rhyme with action Une petite bete a guilis.


 Allongeons la jambe, Nursery rhyme perfect to learn how to count


Nursery rhyme about a whale, c'est la baleine.


Nursery rhyme about Christmas les animaux.


Nursery rhyme about snowman Le bonhomme de Neige,

Nursery rhyme about penguin Pinguoin,

Nursery rhyme about bear Petit Ourson,

Nursery rhyme about Rudolph,

Nursery rhyme about father christmas Papa Noel.